Tanks & Tank Monitoring

Woodruff Energy has the Propane Tank for You!

Propane is one of the most versatile energy sources you can use inside and outside your home. That means the tanks that contain your propane need to be just as versatile. Propane tanks come in many different shapes and sizes depending on what kind of appliance or equipment you are using it for. Ever notice the long cylinder on the back of almost every forklift? That’s a propane tank!

Unsure of what size propane tank you need? Contact the professionals at Woodruff Energy and we will help get it figured out!


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

Big, small, round, and long propane tanks need to be just as versatile as the vital energy source they carry. Many factors go into the size of the propane you have on your property, such as how many appliances you use it for, do you have a backup generator, and how often you want to receive a propane delivery.

The varying sizes of propane tanks include:

  • 8-gallon (forklift tanks): These are the long cylinders on the back of most commercial forklifts. Woodruff Energy will actually come to your business and fill up your 8-gallon tanks on-site.

  • 100-pound tank: These are smaller propane tanks and are generally used to run a single household appliance like an indoor fireplace or propane stove.

  • 200-pound tank: The next step up from 100-pound tanks, these are used to power larger household appliances like washer/dryers and water heaters.

  • 500-gallon tank: This is a properly sized tank to heat your home and power appliances inside it like a water heater, stove, or indoor fireplace.

  • 1,000-gallon tank: You will usually find these massive propane tanks on commercial properties, but they also serve residential customers with a large home with propane heating.

Woodruff Energy is proud to offer our customers FREE propane tank installation on existing gas lines.

Propane Tank Monitoring

Keeping track of your propane tank has never been easier than with the propane tank monitoring app from Woodruff Energy! This state-of-the-art app will track your remaining propane levels and send out alerts when it reaches your set level.

At Woodruff Energy, we want to make your propane deliveries and services as simple and seamless as possible. From the app, you can also contact us directly with any questions or to schedule a propane delivery or service.

The tank monitoring app from Woodruff Energy puts all the power of Woodruff directly in the palm of your hand!

Please contact us for more information regarding our tank monitoring app. We’re always here to help!