Air Conditioning Repair and Installation

Stay Cool with Woodruff Energy

The communities of Southern New Jersey know that this is the place to be during the summer season. From the beautiful beaches stretching down the Atlantic Coast to Cape May to the small picturesque towns along the Delaware River, we know how to enjoy summer in Southern New Jersey!

But after a long day at the beach or a picnic outside with your family, you want to return to a home that’s cool and comfortable, and that’s where Woodruff Energy comes in! The loyal communities of Southern New Jersey have been relying on Woodruff Energy for air conditioning installation and services for decades. All of our technicians are expertly trained in the latest air conditioning equipment and technology and have the knowledge and experience to keep you and your family cool all summer long.


Central Air Ductwork and Installation

As the leading provider of central air conditioning systems to the homes and businesses of Southern New Jersey, Woodruff Energy knows how to keep you cool. We have been installing HVAC systems for the past 60 years and have watched the cooling industry transform with newly available technology.

Today, central air conditioning is:

  • Highly Efficient: Central air is much more efficient than window units and can help reduce your monthly energy bills.

  • Whisper Quiet: No need to worry about noisy air conditioning units keeping you up at night. Central air conditioning is extremely quiet and runs with virtually no noise.

  • Providing Maximum Comfort: There is no beating the cooling power of a central air conditioning system from Woodruff Energy. Central air conditioning keeps your home at a comfortable temperature by providing consistent cooling throughout your house.

  • Lasting Longer: New technology and increased efficiency ratings have led to longer system lifespans in central air conditioning. With annual tune-up services from Woodruff Energy, your central air conditioning system can last for decades!

Woodruff Energy maintains an in-house sheet metal shop to manufacture and design the perfect ductwork system for your home. This allows us to customize your ductwork faster and cheaper because we do all the work ourselves!

When you need reliable central air services and installations, you need Woodruff Energy. Contact us to setup your appointment for an estimate!