Water Heater Services and Installations

Did you know that the average water heater consumes 25% of every dollar spent on your home’s energy use? Now, imagine you are still using an outdated or inefficient water heater. How much extra money are you adding to your monthly energy payments? One thing we know for sure at Woodruff Energy is when you upgrade to a new water heater with us, you will notice the difference in your home and wallet!


As the premier full-service home comfort company across Southern New Jersey, Woodruff Energy installs propane, electric, and oil-fired domestic water heaters. We will calculate the size of your home and family to recommend the ideal water heater for a budget that works for you. Once your new domestic water heater is installed Woodruff Energy also provides preventive maintenance services to help extend the lifespan and improve efficiency of your water heater.

We recommend all our customers enroll in a service plan with Woodruff Energy. For added discounts and priceless peace of mind sign up for our domestic water heater service plan or the Woodruff Energy Advantage plan.

Is a tankless water heater your best option?

Like all other HVAC technology, water heater technology has significantly progressed in the last decade or two. You no longer need the huge traditional-style water heaters to provide your family with adequate hot water.

Woodruff Energy offers tankless domestic water heaters to our customers. Tankless water heaters give you back nearly all the floor space a conventional tank-style water heater would use, and they can provide you with on-demand and endless hot water.

Contact Woodruff Energy to see if a tankless water heater is the best option for your home and family!