The History of Woodruff Energy

Today, Woodruff Energy offers homeowners in Southern New Jersey propane, heating oil, diesel fuel delivery and services including automatic delivery, plumbing and so much more! It’s a far cry from our humble beginnings, 150 years ago, when John S. Woodruff started selling coal alongside the produce from his family’s farm in Deerfield Township, NJ.

John’s son, Warren C. Woodruff, joined him to work in both the coal and produce businesses. George C. Woodruff would later take over the coal operation and relocate to Bridgeton, NJ. He named the company “Woodruff Oil Company” and in 1931 became the first coal dealer in the area to sell fuel oil.

Things were a lot different after World War II. We welcomed back our brave soldiers, mourned the honorable lives that were lost and watched our neighbors rebuild their lives. Expanding our services, we began installing and repairing heating and cooling equipment so that families could stay comfortable all year. In 1959, J. Alan and Robert A. joined the company and started selling motor fuels and would later purchase a huge petroleum storage facility, the old Gulf Oil barge terminal.

Robert A. Woodruff Sr. renamed the company “Woodruff Energy” because we’re more than an oil company. We’re your reliable, full-service energy company and a part of your family. During his 60 years of service, Robert A. Sr. started the company’s natural gas and propane services and helped modernize our company with a website and online services. Now, customers can request a service call or fuel delivery and pay their bill with just the click of a few buttons! His son, Robert A. Woodruff Jr. joined the company in 1993 and has been the president since 2009, making him the fifth generation of Woodruff family members to lead the company!

Woodruff Energy celebrated 150-year of business back in 2019. From selling coal to families in Deerfield Township, NJ to serving homeowners in Salem County, Millville, Vineland, Elmer and other communities for all their HVAC and plumbing concerns, we’ve watched the community grow and look forward to another 150 years of helping you, our trusted customer.