Ductwork Services from Woodruff Energy

Quality ductwork you can trust

Ductwork is the unsung hero of our heating and cooling systems. It acts as the conduit to bring the warm or cool air from our HVAC equipment out into our homes. It’s important to have tightly sealed and properly sized ducts for uninterrupted home comfort.

As the premier full-service HVAC company across Southern New Jersey, Woodruff Energy can manufacture, install, and repair the ductwork for your home or business.


Woodruff Energy Duct Services Include:

  • Fabrication: We maintain a sheet metal shop at Woodruff Energy to cut down on time and money by outsourcing our sheet metal work. Everything is done in house by Woodruff Energy!

  • Design: Before we begin constructing the ductwork for your HVAC system the team at Woodruff Energy will craft the perfect design for ideal air flow and system efficiency.

  • Installation: Now that we have designed the layout of your ductwork and constructed all the sheet metal at our shop, it’s time to install! The team at Woodruff Energy is fully trained and prepared to handle even the most difficult of ductwork installations. You can rest assured knowing that your ducts have been fitted and installed by the very best!

  • Maintenance: Our team of technicians can maintain your new ductwork to help extend its lifespan and improve the efficiency of your heating and cooling systems. And if a repair is ever needed, we will respond as quickly as possible!

Contact Woodruff Energy to discuss your ducts or to request an estimate. We care about your comfort!