Converting to Propane

Trust Woodruff Energy for your propane conversion

Are you satisfied with your current home heating situation? Have you been thinking about making the switch to a propane furnace or maybe just some appliances around your home, like your washer or dryer? Woodruff Energy has the knowledge and expertise to create the perfect solution for your home and budget!

As a full-service home comfort company that’s been operating for over 150 years, Woodruff Energy’s position as both a heating oil and propane supplier has granted us the unique privilege of becoming experts in two forms of home comfort. So, whether you want to switch from oil to propane or natural gas to propane, Woodruff Energy can help assess, inspect, and provide a clear path toward your propane future!


A few benefits for switching to propane include:

  • Reducing your Carbon Footprint: Propane produces significantly less greenhouse gas emissions than natural gas and can greatly reduce your carbon output. It was first declared a clean fuel in the Clean Air Act of 1990!

  • Improving Efficiency: Propane furnaces boast some of the highest energy efficiency ratings on the market, usually between 90% to 98%.

  • Save on Energy Bills: Due to propane’s sky-high efficiency ratings, you will be using less energy to provide your home and family with the same or better comfort. This can lead to increased savings on your monthly energy bills compared to oil heating.

If you’re interested in making the switch, our team of experts at Woodruff Energy will handle every step of your conversion. From removing the old equipment to helping you choose the perfect new propane tank to fit the needs of your home and family, Woodruff Energy is ready to help every step of the way.

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