Woodruff Energy Offers Plumbing Services

The plumbing experts of Southern New Jersey

It’s fair to say that a lot has changed in the past 150 years since Woodruff Energy has been in business. It’s easier to name the things that haven’t changed in the century and a half we’ve been operating, like our commitment to serving the communities of Southern New Jersey.

As your premier full-service HVAC company, Woodruff Energy takes pride in being able to estimate, install, and repair nearly every area of your home comfort, and that includes your home’s plumbing!


Woodruff Energy offers full-service plumbing repairs and installations for both residential and commercial buildings. Our licensed team of plumbers can help with anything from a clogged drain in your kitchen sink to a complete bathroom or kitchen remodeling. There is no job too big or small for the expert plumbers at Woodruff Energy!

Our Plumbing Services Include:

  • Leak Finding & Repairs: No matter how good the plumbing in your home or business is, leaks happen! The team at Woodruff Energy are highly trained in finding the source of the leak and fixing the problem. We will also identify any water damage caused by the leak and check for other leaks in the area.

  • Remodeling Services: Are you thinking about taking that bathroom or kitchen from your dreams and turning it into a reality? Woodruff Energy wants to help! If you are having your bathroom or kitchen remodeled, Woodruff Energy will handle all of the plumbing work! Our goal is to help you bring that kitchen or bathroom from your dreams into your home.

  • Sewer-line Repair: We don’t often think about our sewer lines when we think of our home’s plumbing, but it is an extremely important piece of your plumbing puzzle! When sewer lines become clogged, broken, or develop leaks, that can cause serious damage and problems for homeowners. This sounds like a job for Woodruff Energy! Our team of plumbers can perform sewer-line repairs for your home or business, and we also offer regular inspections to catch potential problems early.

  • Drain Cleaning: We all know the feeling when we’re at the sink, and suddenly, the water seizes to flow down the drain. Over time, the drains in our homes can become clogged or blocked from extended use. This is not a problem for Woodruff Energy! Our team of plumbers will clear your pipes of any clogs or obstructions so your water can flow freely down your drains again. 

  • Faucet Repair: Is your kitchen or bathroom sink constantly dripping? This annoying sound can actually lead to increased water bills and huge amounts of water waste. Call the professionals at Woodruff Energy and we’ll handle all your faucet repairs, including low water pressure, rusting, and leaky taps.

For any and all plumbing services please call us at 856-352-5287 or contact us here to request a service.