Mini-Split Air Conditioning: A New Way to Cool your Home

No Ductwork? No Problem!

Have you been thinking about upgrading your inefficient window air conditioners, but you live in an older home without ductwork? Allow Woodruff Energy to introduce you to a new way to get all the benefits of a central air system without any of the required ductwork!

Ductless mini-split air conditioners (sometimes referred to as heat pumps) are installed on a room-by-room basis and don’t require ductwork to produce cool air. They are a perfect fit for homes without forced air heating or for new additions around your home, like a finished basement or a converted garage. Each mounted wall unit is individually controlled, allowing family members to set different desired temperatures for each room. Woodruff Energy installs energy-efficient ductless mini-split systems from Daikin.


The time to upgrade is NOW. Here's why:

  • Improved Efficiency: Window air conditioning units are inefficient and can raise your monthly energy bills. A mini-split air conditioner will provide more cooling while lowering your electric bills.

  • Tax Incentives: Available tax incentives from the Inflation Reduction Act, include 30% or up to $2,000 for the installation of a ductless mini-split system in your home. You should also inquire about manufacturer or state rebates for further savings!

  • Room-by-Room Control: No more family fights over who controls the thermostat! Mini-split systems are independently wall mounted and remote-controlled, allowing you to adjust the cooling of your home on a room-by-room basis.

  • Multi-Functional: Many ductless mini-split systems can also be used for heating when temperatures are above freezing outside. Although Woodruff Energy strongly recommends a propane or oil-heated system to heat your home due to the ineffective heating of ductless mini-split systems in colder temperatures.  

Woodruff Energy is the HVAC expert in Southern New Jersey. If you are thinking of upgrading to a new cooling system, contact Woodruff Energy to see if a ductless mini-split system is the best option for your home and budget!