Your HVAC System Could Use a Service Plan

August 22nd, 2022


Protect your heating, air conditioning, and water heater

We have insurance for our homes and cars, which stands to reason. These are vital parts of our lives that we want to protect in the case of sudden misfortune.

Your home’s heating, cooling, and hot water systems are also necessary — and expensive — investments. Doesn’t it make sense to protect them the same way? At Woodruff Energy, we provide protection for HVAC equipment and water heaters with our affordable Home Comfort service plans. This coverage guarantees an annual tune-up, plus discounted — or free — repairs and replacement parts.

Your equipment needs annual maintenance

Just like you need an annual physical, your HVAC equipment and water heater need to be tuned up every year. Here are some of the benefits you’ll experience when you arrange for annual maintenance:

  • Your equipment will be more energy efficient and burn less fuel.
  • Your equipment lasts longer and breaks down less often.
  • The Woodruff team will catch minor problems before they become expensive repairs.
  • Many people are unaware that their equipment’s warranty requires them to have routine maintenance. If you skip a tune-up and your equipment breaks down, you may be responsible for a repair that the manufacturer generally covers.

Our service plans provide a complimentary tune-up each year. That alone is worth the price of coverage.

Home Comfort Plans tailored to your home’s needs

Woodruff Energy offers a range of flexible and affordable service plans for heating systems and water heaters — covering oil and propane-fired equipment — as well as central air conditioning.

There are three levels of coverage. With Woodruff Energy’s Home Comfort Plan, you receive:

  • An annual tune-up (all plans)
  • priority service (all plans)
  • free labor on covered parts repairs on Plans B and C
  • free parts and labor on Plan C

If you have a Woodruff Energy monthly budget plan, we can divide your annual coverage fee into your monthly payment. In addition, our TankSure ® Program — which you can purchase during your tune-up — offers proactive heating oil tank maintenance for our automatic delivery customers.

Let’s find a time to discuss the benefits of our Home Comfort Plans. Get in touch with us today to arrange coverage.