Your Home Propane Tank Buying Guide

November 28th, 2022


What do you use propane for in your home? For many people, it powers an appliance or two, while other households rely on it for heating and hot water. Propane is a fantastic fuel. It’s versatile, efficient, and clean burning. And having a propane tank on your property means you don’t need to depend on a natural gas utility that might not be maintaining its system.

However, it’s crucial to have the right tank, so you don’t call for a propane delivery too often and risk an unexpected runout. At Woodruff Energy, we have a tried-and-tested process to determine the right propane tank for your home.

Sizes of Propane Tanks

Here is a rundown of some stationary propane tank sizes we install and what equipment they service:

100-pound Powers one propane appliance, like a cooktop or gas fireplace
200-pound or 48-gallon Powers a more fuel-intensive appliance, like a space heater, clothes dryer or water heater
420-pound or 100-gallon Powers two or three propane appliances
250-gallon Powers multiple propane appliances
500-gallon Powers whole-home heating and appliances
1,000-gallon Powers heating and appliances for a larger home with many appliances or a commercial building

Larger propane tanks are available in underground models, although installation for underground tanks is more time- and labor-intensive. There is often also more permitting required.

What factors affect tank size decisions?

Choosing the right propane tank for a household involves a few variables. Here’s what you need to consider:

The size of your house and the number of appliances

The larger your home, the more fuel your propane-fired heating system will likely use. Additionally, every gas log, stove, fire pit or other propane appliance will increase your consumption. If you’re planning to build an extension, that will also increase your propane needs.

People in your home (now and in the future)

Are there young children or older adults living in your home? Do you expect someone from this demographic to live with you soon? If so, you can expect to run the heat more often. The same is true for anyone working from home, who will need heat pretty much all day in the winter.

Climate in the region

We consider the often-frigid winters you see in southern New Jersey. It’s sometimes a good idea to build an allowance of extra fuel into the calculation in case of sustained inclement weather.

Let Woodruff Energy Help You Find the Perfect Propane Tank

For over 150 years, we’ve kept Garden State homes and businesses safe and warm. If you’re considering switching to propane or your current propane company is dropping the ball, Woodruff Energy is ready to handle your home comfort needs. We sell and lease propane tanks and work closely with you to find the best storage size. Then, we make switching to our propane service an absolute breeze.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us to learn more about everything the Woodruff team can do for your family. We’re ready to help you today!