Simplify Your Fuel Deliveries with our Automatic Delivery Program!

December 18th, 2023


At Woodruff Energy, we understand that there is a lot of running around during this time of the year. Between wrapping presents and making sure your decorations are looking good, it’s understandable if you forget to check the level on your fuel tank gauge, but this could lead to missing a delivery and running out of heating oil!


Why don’t you leave the fuel monitoring and deliveries to the professionals at Woodruff Energy so you can focus on the important things like preparing to have your in-laws over for dinner. Our automatic delivery program is the perfect solution for you! We use an advanced computing system that combines your past fuel usage with a weather-tracking service to calculate exactly when you need your next propane delivery. It’s as easy as that!


The Benefits of Automatic Delivery Include:


  • Peace of Mind: Everybody can use some extra convenience in their lives, and that’s exactly what enrolling in automatic delivery offers. No more checking the fuel gauge in the winter or racing to schedule a delivery before running out. We’ll handle everything!


  • Never Miss a Delivery: We all know that feeling of waking up in the middle of the night only to remember we were supposed to do something. It’s even worse when that something is a fuel delivery for your home! That’s never a worry for automatic delivery customers.


  • Save Money: Running out of fuel isn’t only annoying, it’s costly. Customers who need an emergency delivery will face additional charges, and running empty can potentially damage your equipment and lead to costly repairs.


This is the time of year for giving, so why don’t you enroll in automatic delivery and give yourself the ultimate gift of convenience this holiday season?


Contact us here and make your holiday season a little brighter!