Natural Gas Applications for Your Business

March 27th, 2023


Commercial natural gas is a multipurpose energy source — and Woodruff can be your supplier!

Let’s be candid: natural gas prices have been pretty volatile lately, especially since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and our country’s subsequent cutoff of Russian energy supplies. From the beginning of 2020 to the end of 2022, New Jersey’s average commercial natural gas prices increased by a whopping 65 percent!

But it’s not like your Garden State business can get by without this versatile fuel. It’s essential for heating, and it also serves a range of other crucial functions. No wonder so many commercial customers in Pitman, Mickleton, Glassboro and other towns in southern New Jersey turn to Woodruff Energy for their natural gas needs.

Advantages of commercial natural gas

There are many benefits to using natural gas over other energy sources to heat your business, worksite or farm. They include the following:

  • The U.S. produces almost all its natural gas domestically.
  • Natural gas has some of the lowest carbon intensity of any energy source.
  • It also produces minimal sulfur oxide and particulate matter, which is good for air quality.
  • Natural gas heating equipment has some of the best efficiency ratings around. Today’s high-efficiency heating systems have AFUE ratings near 100 percent!

Businesses that require natural gas for heating

Commercial natural gas can serve a range of heating functions. Plenty of small businesses count on it to power their furnaces and boilers. It can also fuel larger heating systems for warehouses, manufacturing sites and other industrial spaces.

Do you have a construction site that needs dependable space heating? Powerful natural gas-powered portable heaters can keep your crew warm and safe even when winter temperatures drop below freezing. Not only that, but these heaters will maintain steady temperatures to ensure cement, paint, joint compound and spackle dry correctly.

And natural gas is an adaptable fuel that can power other vital equipment for businesses and worksites, including:

  • water heating equipment
  • clothes dryers
  • cooktops, ovens and stoves
  • outdoor amenities for resorts and restaurants (i.e., fire pits and patio heaters)
  • power generators
  • welding equipment

In short, natural gas reliably keeps workers warm and businesses operational.

Woodruff Energy is southern New Jersey’s top natural gas marketer!

What can a commercial venture do to minimize fuel costs while still guaranteeing safety, comfort and profitability? Woodruff Energy can help!

We’ve supplied fuel to homes and businesses since 1869. Back then, we delivered coal, and later, we expanded to fuel oil. More recently, we have established ourselves as one of the largest and most successful commercial natural gas marketers in New Jersey.

What is a natural gas marketer? We are an alternative to a pipeline company or local utility. We negotiate with fuel suppliers to get customers the most competitive price. Simply put, we are here to arrange the fuel your need at the best price possible.

Our experienced and reliable team can get you a better deal for your commercial natural gas. Let’s connect soon to get started!